How to Raise a Rabbit in Your Apartment |

Easter is right around the corner which means chocolate, egg hunts and of course, bunnies. Many parents will take this time of year as an opportunity to introduce a new pet into their family. If you're looking to do this, it's important that you know some of the specifics of how to raise a rabbit. Rabbits are different than cats and dogs and are often left abandoned by uninformed owners shortly after Easter. To avoid contributing to the annual cycle of rabbit mistreatment, follow our expertly-r

Traditional St. Patrick's Day Recipes to Make at Home |

We all know that some St. Patrick's Day celebrations can get a bit rowdy. But the holiday actually has a rich history in Ireland and there are a number of traditions that go along with celebrating the day. If you're looking for an alternative to the mayhem this year, consider whipping up one of these St. Patrick's Day recipes and staying in! You can even host a dinner party for a few of your closest friends or family members. If you know any Irish dishes at all, the first one that probably com

6 Board Games You Need to Have in Your Apartment |

With the holidays having just passed, commercials and advertisements might have you convinced that the latest-and-greatest high-end electronics are the only possible way your family could have fun. Well, we're here to prove them wrong. Check out our roundup of the top 6 board games for your apartment. Monopoly is known for being a lengthy commitment and a competitive person's worst nightmare – so, of course this game should have a place in your apartment. Monopoly is great because it's suitabl

Where to Get Rid of Your Post Holiday Clutter |

The holidays are characterized by giving. It's a lovely time of year but it does force us to confront one negative side effect – clutter. You're going to get all sorts of new things during the holidays. If you're wondering how to declutter, you've arrived in the right place. We've rounded up the best places to get rid of your holiday clutter. For many, Goodwill is the first place that comes to mind when they think of donating used items. Goodwill has been collecting items to sell to benefit tho

6 Apartment Upgrades to Buy During After-Christmas Sales |

Christmas is all about the spirit of giving, so why not give a gift to yourself? After Christmas sales are a great way to give your apartment an extra boost of luxury while keeping your pocketbook happy. Check out our list of six apartment upgrades to buy in after-Christmas sales. Apartment upgrades don't have to be big – sometimes the small things make the biggest difference. One upgrade you're sure to find in Christmas sales is luxury bath sheets, otherwise known as oversized towels. There's

How to Keep Warm and Save Money – Using Your Ceiling Fan |

Your list of ways to keep warm in the winter months probably doesn't include using your ceiling fan, but a standard ceiling fan can actually have a pretty serious impact on the way you heat your home – and, it can even save you money! Read on to find out how ceiling fans heat your apartment. It only takes a flip of a switch – a switch you probably didn't even know was there. Many of us have ceiling fans in our homes and use them to cool things down or get the air circulating to freshen the roo

7 Clever Places to Hide Holiday Gifts in Your Apartment |

One quintessential part of the holiday season is opening up surprise gifts with friends and family. But if you live in an apartment, it can seem nearly impossible to find enough available hiding places. With some craftiness though, you can find hiding places everywhere for all of your gifts. Follow our tips to keep the surprises intact. The best place to hide holiday gifts from the kids and the rest of the family? It's right in plain sight. If you wrap or bag your gifts as soon as you take th
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